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Important Tips for First Time Air Travelers

Taking the first flight is undoubtedly exciting; however, it can also become a source of stress for those unfamiliar with the rules, procedures and habits of travelling on a plane. If you are travelling by Southwest Airlines reservation for the first time, then you have reached the right place. Let's find out what are the things that you need to keep in mind before boarding the flight for the first time to make the first flying experience the best travel experience. 

Tips for First Time Air Travelers

Before leaving, it is essential to check the rules for hand luggage on the airline's website: weight, dimensions and types of objects that can be brought on board. For example, as regards liquids, it is allowed to carry them in hand luggage only in containers that do not exceed 100 ml, in a transparent and resealable plastic bag. In the hand baggage section, you will find information on what is allowed on our flights; if you have onward flights, we recommend that you also consult the websites of other airlines.

Arrive Early: Experts recommend to reach the Airport at least 2 hours before the flight departure. The time allows you to manage check-in and boarding on your first flight with peace of mind without any unexpected last-minute events. 

Check-in Online: If you are travelling with hand luggage, it is best to check-in online to avoid the hustle and bustle at the airport check-in counters. This will allow you to get your boarding passes printed and save time once at the Airport to reach the Gate at your leisure. 

Always set your phone on flight mode after boarding: Set all your devices connected with a network on flight mode. The cabin crew will also remind you of this step before the take-off. With aeroplane mode, you can still take pictures of your unforgettable journey and also take advantage of the inflight entertainment services.

Take a Nap in Air: Sleeping on the plan will make time pass faster and also will help you relax before starting your vacation. 

Enjoy the View: Choose a window seat, as many large airlines let their passengers select seats as per their preferences while checking in online. Select a window seat to witness the stunning scenery and snap some photos of the expanses of soft white clouds that you will fly over. If you are lucky, you might see the most beautiful sunrise and sunset while flying.

Try making your bookings using Southwest Airlines reservation options for the best deals and discount offers and have the best flying experience. Have a safe and comfortable journey!

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