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holiday in Vietnam

Vietnam has several public holidays. The largest holiday in Vietnam is the Vietnamese New Year, which occurs sometime during the end of January and the beginning of February. Liberation Day, another important holiday in Vietnam, is held on April 30th, marking the day Vietnam was reunited under the Communist regime. September 2nd is National Day, which celebrates the independence of the country.
If you are looking for Vietnam flights from the United States, you will have a difficult time finding any direct options. Almost all United States to Vietnam flights stop at least once. Common stops include South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore. Before booking your flight, be sure that you have your Vietnam visa and passport ready. Even if you are just visiting, the Vietnamese government asks that you apply for a tourist visa before entering the country. While most people know of the country of Vietnam because of the infamous Vietnam War, there are many interesting facts about this historic country. The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi. Current population estimates indicate that the country is home to over 85 million people, a number which continue to grow. The main industries in Vietnam are food processing, creating clothing and shoes, and building machines. Agriculture plays a large role in the country's economy, and rice, corn, and potatoes grow well in the country. Fishing is also a major industry, as the eastern boarder of the country is the China Sea. Vietnam currently exports oil, fish, rice, rubber, and coffee.
anoi, the capital of Vietnam, is located on the bank of the Red River in the northern section of the country. While not the largest city in the country, Hanoi has had a rich history. It has been inhabited since 3000 B.C., and has served as the seat of government for nearly a thousand years. Today, as South and North Vietnam have been united, the city is the capital of the entire unified country.